The one where I make a yarny pilgrimage

Thursday was a weird day. I go through so many days of the week where I can’t even come up with one topic to talk about, but Thursday – 3 different things happened that deserve their own blog posts. As the one at the end of the day has pictures, I’m going to start with it.

The story starts on Monday, when I realized I was running out of yarn for a project – the yarn was hand dyed by me (with assistance from Mindy. Or, in reality, she knew what to do & I followed her directions.), which meant that once I was out of yarn in the skein, I was OUT. OF. YARN. I had 7g of yarn left to finish 7 rows of knitting plus bind off. Each row at that point was taking 4-5g of yarn. YIKES. So I went stash diving and found a suitable complementary color that I figured would work and made plans to stop at Knitorious to make sure there wasn’t something that would look better there, with a backup plan to stop in at The Loopy Ewe on Thursday if I really needed yarn, as Sheri has EVERYTHING.

Tuesday, I stopped in & looked at Knitorious, but didn’t find anything that would work. (Did I mention that it’s yarn with bling in it? So the other yarn needed bling, too.) I headed home, finished the lace repeat with the original yarn, added a lifeline, and started knitting with what I had hoping it would work, but still thinking “I can stop by Loopy Ewe if I need to. NO NEED TO PANIC.”

Wednesday, I took the project to knit group, where I got second, third, fourth, and fifteenth opinions that all said “Yes, new yarn TOTALLY works.” So I finished the project & bound off. As I was taking a wander around the shop (as I do), Deborah & Kate were talking about visiting The Loopy Ewe on Thursday night so that Kate could continue her descent into yarny madness, also known as the end of a year long yarn diet. I mentioned that I had thought about going, but wasn’t really planning on it now.

So, yesterday I got some sad news, had an interesting meeting, and then dinner with the family. Afterwards, I was feeling the need for a little yarny comfort, so I decided to head over to The Loopy Ewe. I wasn’t sure if Kate & Deborah would still be there when I arrived, but I saw them as I came in the door & waved. Kate already had armfuls of yarn, while Deborah had a smaller pile of yarn in her basket.

YIP 333.365 Visiting The Loopy Ewe

People. I have been to the Loopy Ewe before. A few times. I even went when it was still in Sheri’s basement. But it’s bigger now. The sheer amount of yarn there is overwhelming. I was completely unprepared for it. You can easily get lost in the yarn maze there. But if you can’t find your way back out, no worries because you are probably lost by something amazingly soft and pretty and oh, I’ll just lay down right here and take a nap with this cashmerino as my pillow.

Visiting The Loopy Ewe

There were so many yarns that I kept picking up and putting back down. The String Theory pictured above wanted to come home with me – it was amazingly soft and pretty and soft. I kept going back to it, but I couldn’t pick a color, so it stayed behind this trip. Someday, my precious, I will come back for you.

Visiting The Loopy Ewe

If you are a knitter or crocheter in the St. Louis area & have not been to see The Loopy Ewe in person, I strongly recommend a visit before the shop moves out to Colorado in the Fall. I definitely plan to make at least one more trip before then. If you live in Colorado, you lucky folks will have plenty of time and yarn to explore later this year.

Visiting The Loopy Ewe
Vintage Sock Monkey watching over the yarn.


3 thoughts on “The one where I make a yarny pilgrimage

  1. Well, how could I pass up this blog entry, what with a title like that. My friend, Lauren, is a HUGE fan of Loopy Ewe, and although I’ve never been there, I wish I could make it down to St. Louis before they move. I heard a few days ago that they were moving, but I didn’t know it was to COLORADO! So sad for the knitters of St. Louis. Anyway, thanks for sharing your yummy yarn adventure!

    • Kris – You should try to make a trip down sometime before they move. It’s so worth it. I would even go with you. :)

  2. I loved your take on the adventure! And I think I may have to get a little sheepie on my next trip – they’re too cute! :-)

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