Getting Healthy Update, Week 5

As yesterday was a holiday, I spent my time doing laundry, watching Cranford, and knitting. There was just NO TIME to write about all the cookies I consumed.

I’m not kidding about the cookies. As part of a swap I’m doing, I baked a batch of  cookies. I did a little too much quality control testing, then split the remaining cookies into 3 containers – one to send off, one is in the freezer, and one to be given away to someone else. I’m hoping the frozen ones will still be edible for the next swap mailing in a few weeks, but if not, they’re in the freezer instead of my face. So that’s good.

As for the weigh-in, down another 1.4 pounds. I thought it would be more, but I know why it isn’t. I hit the gym & was stingy with the points until Saturday night, when there was BBQ. But the reality is that there are weeks when it doesn’t matter what you do, your body thinks it needs the extra fat. Anyway, this makes the total since I started with WW 8.8 pounds. (That is 21.8 pounds total – I’m over halfway to where I was when I gained some weight back.)

YIP 324.365 Well.I did manage to hit the gym and crank out a 5k (or close to it) on Tuesday last week. Then I went again Friday and Sunday with the intention of doing the same thing, but I was hurting. As it turns out, if I can get past the 30 minute mark, I’ve worked through most of the hip pain. I did run a bit on Sunday & could have gone longer, but I managed to accidentally hit the pause or stop button while I was running. Once I slowed down, I lost the momentum I needed to keep going.

Related: I need new workout music. I need stuff that will keep me up on the treadmill & a few songs that make me want to run. Suggestions welcome.

I also added some yoga stretching to my evening routine on the nights I haven’t been to the gym. I’m thinking I may just try to do it every night, as it helps the hip A LOT and it relaxes me before bed.

The goal for this week is to crank out as much as I can on the treadmill in my 1 hour time limit (the gym has the machines set so it stops/cools you down after an hour & you can’t program it for more than that). I think that if I can just get comfortable walking for that long in the next two weeks, then I should be able to do the 10k on June 11. It’ll still be tough, but I can do it.