Where are my nerd glasses when I need them?

People. I have a new addiction.

His name is The Doctor and he is fantastic. I know, I am late to the game. Very late. The new version of the show started in 2005, after all. But I’ve been busy and I don’t have cable. Okay, I haven’t been THAT busy. But I really don’t have cable – I suffer through life with a netflix subscription & network tv.

Honestly, I started to watch the first season of Doctor Who a couple years ago, but I got distracted/uninterested/bored/something during the first season. Recently, though, there was a Doctor Who swap on Ravelry & as I was watching all these fun packages arrive at their destinations, I wanted to give the good Doctor another watch/try.

Sidebar: When I was much younger – definitely 10 or under – I happened to catch a part of an episode of Who on television. I remember that it freaked me out. I had dreams about people in cocoons for days. Sometimes even later in life cocoon people would haunt me. I now have what I believe to be that storyline in my netflix queue so I can watch it again & be less freaked out. Or maybe give myself nightmares. Freaky cocoon people.

Anyway, I muddled through the remainder of the first season & got started on the next with David Tennant as the Doctor. Can I just pause for a moment and say that he has managed to oust Trent Reznor as my dirty little crush. I think it’s the freckles. Also, he does an excellent turn as a crazy-ass maniac in the Harry Potter movies, which has nothing to do with having a dirty little crush on him, as he was kind of skeezy in the role (as one would expect from a crazed Death Eater who was in Azkaban for many many years. Oh look, my HP nerd is showing. I should put that away).

Ahem. As I was saying, now that I’m into the second season (or series, as it is British), I’m enjoying it SO VERY MUCH. I’m also doing pretty good at rationing the episodes so I don’t get burned out – thank you for streaming it, Netflix. I find that with TV shows on DVD, I tend to watch all at once, which means like 6 episodes in a row and OMG MY EYES ARE ON FIRE TURN IT OFF. And also, the burn out I experienced with the first series, and also a little with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (oh, hey, another show that is now streaming that I can watch this summer). So, by rationing the show and only watching one or two episodes at a time, I get more enjoyment out of it AND I don’t burn myself out at the same time. I’ll be caught up soon enough, and until then, there are hours of Who-related enjoyment and knitting* headed my way.

*I have two sweaters, some socks, and several other items I plan to finish this summer if I can keep myself from starting something new and shiny.