Is it a “new” hobby if I just took a 20 year hiatus?

Since I started doing embroidery more frequently, I’ve been itching to start doing some cross stitch projects again. Back when I was young, it was really my first craft. I am no pro, but as with all crafts she tried, my mom was.* We would often hang out stitching together on the weekends. Then I became a teenager & really gave up most of my crafty stuff for several years.

So, when I would find myself at the local craft stores, I would look at the patterns & kits and think “meh”. there was nothing there I liked enough to (a) spend money on, and (b) actually MAKE. But then last week something happened. I saw this blog post & followed her links to find the weelittlestitches etsy shop. I immediately had to buy the Mystery, Inc. pattern (you know I love my Scooby Doo) & get started.

YIP 322.365 Cross Stitchin'

I am now further along than this, as I finished Daphne last night & got halfway done with Velma.

I’m quite enjoying my stitching time & it’s a much cheaper hobby than knitting. Don’t get me wrong – I am not giving up on my yarns any time in the near future (or, um, EVER), but this is a nice little change of pace. And with the massive amounts of embroidery floss I inherited, I either have the right colors or can find ones that are close enough for these projects. So, yes, I’m having fun doing something a little different as a break from slogging through the same knitting project every day.

*She once, in a massive undertaking, did this project. It was kind of amazing when it was finished & hung in the house for a long time. Eventually, though, she took it off the wall & was going to get rid of it, so I passed it on to a lady I went to SEMO with as a “thank you” for letting me crash on her couch when we had weekend classes one summer. I sometimes wish I still had it, but I have no place for it & know it went to a good home.


4 thoughts on “Is it a “new” hobby if I just took a 20 year hiatus?

  1. So for Boo’s b-day or hannukah this year you have a good project idea. The boy loves super trooper in ways that embarrasses the shit out me as well a lot of her other patterns.

    • I hadn’t done cross stitch for a very long time, but it’s fun. :)

      I had not seen the IT Crowd one – excellent. :) I’m almost done with Scooby & the gang now & looking for my next one.

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