There will be dots.

Oh, hello there. And how have you been? I’m good. I have some dots for you.

  • The new attempt at WW is actually going pretty well – I did very little time at the gym in the first 3 weeks & managed to lose 6 pounds. So yay! I’m getting back to the gym & yoga time this week, as the treadmill & yoga both help my bursitis-y hip a lot. Woo!
  • Yesterday was the regular dental check up, which means a trip to the hometown. I stopped at the Evil Empire after dinner with D-squared & happened to find a blender for $14. At that price, I’ll be happy if it makes it through the summer. Bonus: it’s aqua. This is, sadly, the most exciting thing to happen to me in the past week.
  • I’m looking forward to finishing my knits for other people so I can work on the things I’ve had hanging around for decades. Okay, not decades, but one of the projects has been around for 2 years. And why do I have 2 sweaters going at the same time? Clearly, I have a little bit of insane going on.
  • After 2 years, I figured out how to take b&w pictures with my camera. Ziggy was less than enthused to be my practice model.
  • Ziggy in black & white
  • Fiona, however, looks her best in black & white.
  • YIP 311.365 Fiona Falafel in b&w