In which I wish I had unlimited travel funds

I’ve been feeling the need for a break lately – more than taking time off and staying at home. I need time with my girls. It’s been almost 2 years since an official Stonecutter get together & even though I spent some time with Stonecutter Wendy in October, it was only a day in Sedona. Not quite the same as a gathering.

Since we don’t have anything planned in the near future & I am unable to afford that trip overseas I’m DYING to take, I got a virtual fix by looking back at some of the pictures from the past few years and reminiscing about the fun times we’ve had as a group.





Dinner first night.jpg

I miss you girls! Soon. We will get together & party. :)

(Note: not all photos taken by me, but also by other Stonecutters & our honorary Stonecutter – Sally’s sister.)