Tower Grove Farmers Market

On Saturday, I went to the opening weekend of the Tower Grove Farmers Market. I admit, I went mostly for the breakfast tacos (picture of deliciousness) and because the guy I get my face soap from was there. The vegetables that were there – well, it was crowded & couldn’t really get close enough to a lot of the veggie booths to see what they had. I’m sure I could have jostled my way through them, but I didn’t want to do that.

Thanks to Rachel, I was also able to figure out what was going on at the Traveling Tea booth (it was busy and a little crazy around it) & pick up a few samples for myself & to send off in a swap I’m doing.

As I had to park farther away than normal, I found myself walking past the fountain & faux ruins on the way back to my car & wishing I had my camera. It was a lovely day on Saturday & bright and sunny. I did have my little point & shoot that’s always with me, so I got it out and hoped for the best.

Tower Grove Park Fountain

Tower Grove Butterflies

Tower Grove Butterflies

Tower Grove Butterflies


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