WIP: Stripe Study Shawl. Or my new favorite color combo.

I’ve been working on various crafty items lately, but needed a small change. I started a Stripe Study shawl Sunday night after an incident with my current swap knitting (I dropped a bagel cream cheese side down on top of a couple of the finished parts. It washed out fine, but then the thing had to dry again, so I took that as a hint to start something new).

YIP 302.365 Change of plans

Originally, the contrast color in this shawl was a green, but when I started knitting it together, the colors just didn’t mesh right. So I dug through the stash for the gorgeous red pictured up there & I like it so much better.

I finished the second red stripe last night and it’s fantastic. Even though this is still a garter stitch shawl, the short rows keep it just interesting enough that I haven’t been getting too bored. And the colors together (as Ann would say) make my heart sing.

I need to get busy on those secret swap projects, though. I have until the end of the month to get this one done, then another due the end of June. After that, I’m all about finishing the things I have on the needles. Unless I get distracted by something shiny.

(Speaking of something shiny – I have another skein of the blue yarn & I can’t help but think how nice it would look with a shimmery gray or light charcoal yarn. It’s on the wish list in my head.)

(Another random note: How awesome is this fabric from Michael Miller? I am in love with this color combo. Maybe a little too much.)