If I don’t go crazy tonight

I have been quiet lately, but the weather around here has not. There have been thunderstorms, a tornado (that took out a lot of houses and part of the airport), and just some rain. I am over it. The weather is starting to take a toll on my mood – I spent the better part of my 3 day weekend trying not to sleep through the whole thing, while Ziggy the Wondercat spent it hiding under the bed. Seasonal blahs? I have them.

When I wasn’t half asleep, I made a bit of progress on the project(s) I’m working on for the Henson Swap on Ravelry, which is good since I have about 4 weeks to get everything figured out & so far, I have yarn to send. But, I’m making a monster (I can’t be any more specific yet), working on an embroidered/sewn project idea, and trying to figure out what little extras I can send along.

In other random news, I’ve decided to give Weight Watchers another try. I’m just not doing great on my own & since my activity is limited while my hip gets back to normal, I need something. It seems to be working well for some of the knitting folks, so I figured it was worth a real shot. (I joined last year around this time of year, but I wasn’t really into it. There was much work related stress, combined with “OMGI’mgraduating” stress. So it failed me then, but I don’t think I was putting any real effort into it.)

And I have no good way to end this post. Enjoy this picture of Bagel the chicken, who looks different today than when I took this picture on Friday.
YIP 293.365 Bagel the Chicken


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  1. You can totally do it! If you need recipe ideas and such ping me, I still have a few but the points probably need to be reworked.

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