Where the sheep are.

Over the weekend, I headed out with Kim to the Monroe County Sheep & Craft Festival in Waterloo, Illinois.

(You have the song stuck in your head now, right? No? Now you do.)

Anyway, I had gone last year to the festival & enjoyed it, so when it came around again, I made plans to get there. Really, it’s worth the drive for the lamb lunch alone.

After a brief moment of getting lost (thank you, Google maps), we got there to find that there weren’t as many vendors this year as the year before. Either that, or they were all cleaned out by 10am & gone for the day. Even the soap guy that was there was out of several of his scents/formulas.

YIP 281.365 Baby Sheeps!
There were baby sheeps. Or lambs. There were also cute bunnies, some of which were just terrified to be there. Poor bunnies. There were also the requisite llamas & alpacas there, though they were mostly relaxing & eating when we walked by (in fact, the one that was eating looked at us as if we were disturbing him merely by our presence. Hoity toity, that one).

In the end, I came home with a very small addition to my stash – a single skein of yarn – some kettle corn & a bar of soap.
Monroe County Sheep & Wool

Speaking of soaps (and markets and such), I’m quite looking forward to the first Tower Grover Farmers Market in May, as the guy who makes my face soap will be there. I’m really just excited that the opening market is coming up in a few weeks. I’m dying to go there again.