I’m cleanin’ out my closet*

Oh, hello there. It’s been a while. And by “a while”, I mean 10 days.

Let’s get dotty with it, shall we?

  • Health/fitness: I’ve been getting more veggies & stuff. Been considering what I eat before I eat it. Been drinking entirely too much coffee. I have not been tracking my food that well or getting to the gym. My hip (bursitis) has been acting up something fierce, and I’m guessing (hoping) that doing my exercises for it plus spending some quality time on the treadmill (and hell, GOING to the gym) will help me get it back in shape. Which, in turn, will help get ME back in shape. Again. And I still need to call the chiropractor. I don’t know where all the time goes.
  • Knitting: I decided I needed to make myself a springtime sweater that will fit my current size. In fingering weight yarn, apparently. I am two inches into it at the moment. I’m hoping I actually get to wear it before it gets too warm.
  • Crafty: I made a new tote/bag. I used it for about a week. I decided to take it apart so I could make the pockets smaller. It’s in pieces on my ironing board.
  • Quilty: I have all the pieces cut out for my cousin Christy’s quilt. The one I promised her about a year and a half ago. It may take me a while, but I will finish it, this I promise.
  • Vacation: Started Friday at 4:00. It was supposed to start at 3:30, but I was working my tail off to finish something before I left work for a week.

*The newish GenX radio in StL plays a lot of Eminem. A LOT. I had forgotten how many singles he’d released. Today I heard Cleaning Out My Closet on the way home from work. And it’s stuck in my head. Also, I plan to clean out my closet during vacation, but it means a very different thing when Eminem says it. I won’t need a shovel, for example.