FO – Zombie for Mindy

A couple weeks (or less) ago I was surfing around Ravelry, as you do, and I happened upon this cute little amigurumi zombie pattern (ravelry link). My immediate thought was “I MUST MAKE THIS FOR MINDY!!” (yes, in all caps, even). Since I couldn’t keep it to myself but I also couldn’t tell Mindy or it wouldn’t be a surprise, I emailed Rachel to share my find. She quite immediately agreed with me – yes I MUST MAKE THIS FOR MINDY. But I didn’t have the yarn, I said. I have some cotton slub yarn you can use, Rachel said.

And a few days later…

YIP 245.365 A zombie for Mindy

Mindy's Zombie

YIP 244.365 Mardi Gras Rileypants
Oh, wait. Rileypants is not a zombie. YET.

Matilda the Zombie Girl was gifted on Thursday, when we gathered at Mindy’s for another night of knitting. I tried to be all sly & put her on the table with the coffee/drink supplies, but she noticed pretty much as soon as she walked back in the room.

Pattern – Zombina the Zombie Girl by Jess Rollar
Yarn – Dyeabolical Cotton Slub in sage, tangerine, pink, red – all parts except hair & ribs.
Hair – Mission Falls Cotton, Skacel Urban Silk (not sure on amounts for anything, but it all used less than a skein or scraps)
Hook – Size D
Notes – LOVED how clear the pattern was, except I always have issues with the hair. But when I had another question (not related to hair), Jess got back to me really quickly with the answer. This went together really fast, too.