All About Me Swap – incoming (aka I am Supergirl)

I was recently part of the “All About Me” swap on Ravelry. I’m a bad swapper, so my package went out a couple days late, but as I was packing up & picking up the last couple items, my package arrived.

The theme for this one was different, which is why I chose it over Mardi Gras (but have you SEEN Rachel’s Mardi Gras swap of awesomeness? Makes me wish I’d chosen that one just a teeny bit. (I was totally going to link to her blog post about it, but there’s not one. But I saw it in person and OH IT IS AWESOME.))

Anyway, the theme for this one was about the person SENDING the swap, so stuff the sender would like, rather than trying to come up with stuff the sendee wants.

YIP 243.365 All About Someone Else Swap

I got this fabulous superhero-themed package. My sender was quite creative – she realized that my name (Kara) is also the name of Supergirl (which I did NOT know prior to getting this package), so wrote a letter from my “cousin” Clark Kent as if this was a care package from him to her. I know, confusing as hell. But it was cool.

AAM Swap - Superhero Stitch Markers
The stitch markers are related to members of the Justice League, each one coordinating with the person’s outfit.

AAM Swap - Hat
And how cute is this hat?! I love it.

There were also cookies & fudge, which I shared with my knit night crew, a Superman t-shirt, a couple of her favorite books, yarn, and a tote.

Now I wait for my package to work it’s way west. *stalks postal service with delivery confirmation number*