Life List Item #29: Give up soda – CHECK!

I was set to write a post about moving closer to my goal of being soda-free & the next step. Then I did the math. Twice. Then a third time just to make sure. TODAY MARKS 3 MONTHS SODA FREE.

YIP 235.365 The end of an era

When I put this on my life list, I arbitrarily decided that 3 months was a good determinant of being able to give up soda – I figured if I could get past that two month hurdle that always seemed to be my failing point in the past (or one month. Or one week.), then I was well on my way to staying soda free.

So, 3 months. THREE MONTHS with no soda of any kind. WOO! What’s my next step? Well, when I needed a little caffeine during my normal soda time of the day, I replaced it with sweetened tea. Not every day, but often enough that I want to give up the sugar in the tea. When I was younger, I had plain old tea all the time, so I know I can get used to it again. And that starts now. Well, yesterday. No more sweet tea.

I’m not giving up my sweetened coffee, though. You will pry that from my cold dead hands.


One thought on “Life List Item #29: Give up soda – CHECK!

  1. I’m doing good if I only drink one a day. And that’s all I really want to do right now. My only worry is that when/if I get pregnant, you’re supposed to cut it all out…oh…the caffeine headaches I’ll have…

    But congrats! And WHERE did you get those wonderful magnets!?

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