Swapping, Quilting, Knitting, & Eating

My weekend was good, but busy and not nearly long enough.

Let’s start with Thursday, even though it is technically not the weekend. I arrived home after a day in which I had to be at work at dark o’clock for a meeting to find my package from the Princess Bride Swap on Ravelry. Yay!

YIP 231.365 Princess Bride Swap!
What you see here are my many spoils – awesome Miracle Max t-shirt, princess/pirate themed stitch markers, pretty teal yarn, Princess mitts, hot chocolate “iocane powder”, various yummy snacks (“anybody want a peanut?” peanuts, “true love” chocolate & peanut butter treats, and pirate’s booty) to help me survive a trip through the fire swamp, and a random monkey sticker that came with the t-shirt just because I like the monkeys.

YIP 232.365 Quilt Madness
Friday night I took some downtime from a long week and worked on my cousin Christy’s quilt top. I had started one previously, but decided to go a different route. Luckily I was able to use the pieces I’d already cut out. I do need to find/get more fabric, though – the new idea requires a solid for the sashing plus 2 additional prints & a little extra yardage from 2 of the prints I already had (or something similar). So that’s on hold again until I can find what I need.

Saturday morning found me hanging out at Paste in Soulard making preemie hats, of which I made the tiniest hat ever. You can see it on Rachel’s post about the Needles for Newborns event. We met a few new people and one of my former classmates, who suffered through some truly frustrating stats classes with me. So that was fun. (I have no pictures of my own because my camera battery decided it was dying, though last night it was JUST FINE even though I hadn’t charged it yet.)

Sunday was Dim Sum with the Wednesday knit krewe, followed by a trip to the Chinese bakery (yum!) and market next door. I saw my first durian, which was much bigger than I thought it would be. I’ve been to this particular market many times, but that was the first time I had seen the durian there. Now the various animal parts, those I’ve seen.

Knit group on Sunday found me turning 10 stitches of stockinette into 10 stitches of garter stitch for a button band on Mindy’s sweater. It was much easier than I anticipated, especially once I broke out the dpns. I also got a good portion of the hat I’m making for our Relay for Life* raffle basket finished and am making tentative plans to make one that’s a little more manly, or at least unisex to go with it.

And now, it is Monday. I’m looking forward to next weekend again already.

*It was pointed out at knitting yesterday that this sounds kind of like it would be a pro-life thing, which it definitely is not, but now I think of that every time I say something. It’s to raise money for cancer research and stuff.