Gooey Butter & Caramel Corn Cupcakes

In my quest to conquer my fear of baking with yeast, when Rachel suggested that these Golden Globe Cupcakes from Cupcake Project would be ever so nice for her birthday, I agreed to give them a go. On a work night. On top of that, I made a last minute decision to make my own caramel sauce to drizzle over some kettle corn for the topping.

Clearly, I am insane.

YIP 230.365 Gooey Butter Cupcakes

Being from St. Louis myself, I am well aware of the gooey butter cake & the topping on these cupcakes tastes perfect. Sweet, but just the right amount of sweet. I’ve had gooey butter cake before that was too sweet for me and I love sugar. This topping turned out to be what I expect my gooey butter cake to taste like.

As for my crust? Well, I think there’s just too much of it. I also had trouble gauging whether or not it had risen at all or even if it had risen enough, but I decided to go with it. I used the extra active yeast (rapid rise, I guess?) and still had to wait at least 90 minutes for it to rise.

Now, let’s talk about the caramel. I went with the salted caramel sauce recipe from Smitten Kitchen again. And again, I burned the first batch, though this time I realized it before adding the butter & cream. What I failed to remember before starting the second batch in a different pot was that the butter & cream were what was going to keep the caramel from hardening into a giant chunk of burned sugar. Ooops. I did, however, realize that was going to happen & got the pot soaking in water before it hardened completely. And then when the second batch turned out perfectly, I may have eaten a spoonful while making yummy noises.

Gooey Butter Caramel Corn Cupcakes

A few things to note, most mentioned in the source post/recipe:

  • Goo to crust ratio needs to be higher. I went with the recipe as written ’cause I didn’t feel like doing math.
  • The gooey part really can overflow. A lot. I overfilled my cups. See picture below for the aftermath.
  • These are really REALLY buttery.
  • A personal note – I found that using my small cookie scoop helped me get the crust and gooey parts into the liners a little easier. Knowing what I know now, I would definitely use something even smaller to divvy up the crust and probably not double gooey the tops like I did, but the cookie scoop still made life a lot easier.

YIP 229.365 Gooey Butter Explosion

Overall, I don’t feel like these cupcakes were much more effort than a “simpler” recipe. I had a few things go wrong, mostly because of user error. Like when I accidentally knocked my prepared yeast mixture over into the sink as I was trying to put flour in a different bowl. Or the caramel incident. And the overflow incident. Could have happened to anybody. And on another night, I’m sure everything would have gone smoothly – I just tried to cram too much into one evening (it wasn’t just the baking, but other around the house stuff) and had some minor issues.


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  1. They were awesome and delicious and Scott and I murdered all but one cupcake when we got home last night. If I make these I’m going to keep the overflow and eat all the crispy overflow edges myself. They were DELICIOUS!

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