In which I go quilt crazy.

YIP 224.365 WIP - New Wave Quilt

My fingers have been itching to do some sewing lately. In playing with fabrics for the secret projects, I fell in love with my navy blue print all over again* & decided that I wanted something else for me out of it. Something other than the fun little embroidered scraps I’ve been playing with.

Maybe I had enough for a lap/couch quilt? Maybe the New Wave Quilt?

WIP - New Wave Quilt

The quilt will be twice as wide - this shows 3 wedges of each fabric, there will be 6.


I didn’t have enough of the blues to have just blues in the quilt. I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough of the navy print to get the 6 wedges, but I did. Luckily, I fell in love with the Park Slope fabric line & went on a bit of a buying spree when it was out a little over 2 years ago, so I had some other colors to go with.

Last night I sat down on the floor & started cutting. And cutting. And cutting. I have all the pieces for the quilt top cut out (even the not-pictured here white sashing strips).

The original plan was to end with a tonal lime print (like the pink & navy that look solid in the picture), but I did not have enough of that to even get one wedge from the scraps. So I rearranged & decided to go with the brown print at the top.

My blues will be in the center, so still kind of the focal print of the quilt. The two on each end will lose about half of what is showing. Looking at the pictures again, I’m debating switching the lime/orange floral (2nd from end) with the green on the very end.** The floral is the only fabric not from the Park Slope fabric line.

Anyway, now that I have everything cut out, I’m looking forward to busting out the machine & putting this thing together this weekend. The entire quilt top is fabric from my stash. I may have to buy the backing & binding fabrics at some point,*** but I’m just really excited I was able to use up bits & pieces I had from some of these fabrics. I still have quite a bit left of some of the others.

*Because I don’t have a super-awesome tote out of this fabric already.

**Hmm. Am now also debating switching the “solid” navy with the pebble print. The pebble seems almost too light between the two navy prints and it still has a bit of orange in it to transition well to the orange print.

***Which just means that I can work on other projects (like my cousin’s quilt I have some pieces cut out for already) until I get around to getting those bits.


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