Handmade Holidays 2010 Update

I realized this morning that I had yet to share the projects I made for everyone in 2010. Bad knitter/sewer/blogger. So, let’s pretend that it is January 8 instead of a full month later, okay?

It was not as much of a sewing intensive holiday this year, as I had exhausted my supply of interfacing (and most of the people I know now have awesome bags), so it was a mostly knitting holiday.

YIP 179.365 Table Cover
This is a table cover I made for Mindy & her husband. It’s a very large square (sized to fit their table) with the checkerboard inset. I had a lot of the green/yellow fabric & not as much of the lighter blue, so it was a little hard to figure out what to do. I thought of abstract blue shapes appliqued on, but in the end went with the simpler checkerboard look, adding in the navy birds. I also intentionally made the directional fabrics go different directions so there was no “right” way to put it on the table.

YIP 180.365 Eternity Scarf
For Mindy, the Eternity Scarf (ravelry link). This project just FLEW off the needles. I added a seed stitch border on the stockinette end to control some of the curling.

For Kim, a yarn ball wreath. I really liked putting this together – I loved the way the larger chocolate colored ornaments went with the rest of the wreath. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the yarn colors are a maroon, foresty green, and chocolate brown.

For the family, I went with a simple request – fingertip-less mitts. D-squared both wanted them with fingers

mitts for dad
For Dad, I went with the Cigar pattern, modified so that all the fingers were without tips.

For D., I went with Treads (ravelry link) out of Malabrigo. I originally wanted to do something with cables & more detail, but couldn’t find a pattern to suit my needs. I tried to design something, but it didn’t work out well (looked fine until I put it on my hands & the cables were wonky when stretched out).

Finally, as a bonus gift, I had decided I wanted to make an Animal Crackers hat for Rachel. She had liked mine so much that it just had to be done. In my excitement to give it to her, though, I forgot to take a picture. You can see it here, though. I made some modifications to the original I had made, esssentially moving the earflaps further back from the front of the hat. Sadly, my brown yarn bled all over the white. But it still looks awesome. (You can read a tiny bit more about my hat here.)

For those on ravelry (and interested), more details on all the projects can be found here.