Life List Item #29:Give up soda

I am a weekend away from being soda-free for 2 months. This is quite the victory, but it hasn’t come easy.

I thought the first two weeks were going to be the hardest – going cold turkey off the soda right before the holidays – but it appears I was wrong. The past 2 weeks have been more difficult.

The past few days have been such that I would kill for a sweet sweet drop of soda. This usually happens around 2pm. Maybe a little earlier. Today was exceptionally bad in that having soda is pretty much all my brain has focused on for the past 2 hours. But you know what, brain? NO SODA FOR YOU.

I have also been having dreams about Dr. Pepper. Seriously. Dreams in which I was just drinking one. Last night, in fact, I had a dream about Diet Dr. Pepper & IN THE DREAM weighed the pros and cons of breaking the no soda rule by having a diet soda – would that really break the streak? (the real answer: YES. But dream Kara wasn’t convinced).

I’m actually doing really well at resisting the temptation to drink soda, I just keep THINKING about it and I have yet to find an acceptable substitute that I can drink when I get bored with water. With my dietary restrictions (no HFCS, no artificial sweeteners), it’s hard to find things that aren’t sweet tea.

So, I can’t quite cross this off the list yet (I defined “success” as “no soda for 3 months”), but I’m getting closer.


One thought on “Life List Item #29:Give up soda

  1. You rock and you can do it! (Can you see the cheerleader pom poms?!?) Tell the dream-Kara to get with the program already and quit tempting you.

    Side note: have you tried a stevia-type sweetener? Natural and calorie free. It took a few tries for me to get used to it, but now I couldn’t go back to the regular stuff. So now I can have an occasional sweet tea when plain water gets too boring to swallow.

    Good luck! I know you’ll hit the two month mark and keep right on goin’.

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