I hate the gym.

Actually, that isn’t entirely true. I don’t HATE the gym, I just don’t want to be there when I have other things I could be doing. Like knitting. Or cleaning out the kitty litter.

But I went back for the first time this week. They remodeled since I was there last & I’m not quite sure where things are.

It had been so long since I had been there that my iPod shuffle was completely dead. D.E.A.D. Dead. No music. But I had my Nook, so I tried to read.

There’s something about walking at 3 – 3.2 mph that renders me incapable of keeping my eyes focused enough to read. Even with the book set at large print.

So. No music. No book. There are other people in the gym. A lot of other people. Even though not one has looked my way, I feel like they’re judging me. They KNOW that I’ve let myself slip and slide down the slope to bad eating & no exercise. THEY CAN TELL.

They don’t know. They can’t tell. They don’t care. The others are busy doing their own working out.

I soldiered on. After 15 minutes, my hip was screaming at me. Angry bursitis screams. The kind that had me dosing up on 500 mg of naproxen when I got home. But I kept going. The original plan was to walk for 30 minutes, but I amended it to 2o minutes. It was SOMETHING. It marked my return to the gym.

Now I just need to make sure to keep my shuffle charged up and the music going. Because if I can sing along in my head, the trip to the gym is bearable. The music helps me forget there are other people there.

For inspiration, a few pictures I pulled off flickr today to remind me why I’m subjecting myself to this. Taken when I never thought I’d see the inside of a gym in the first place. These are not my finer moments, but they are reality.

Brent & Shanon’s wedding, April 2008. Ugh. Also, WTF is up with my hair?

June, 2008. WWKIP day. UGH.

And one taken more recently, but after I gained back 25 of the 40 pounds I had lost.
Day 5: Grand Canyon
October, 2010. Even with the sunglasses, I can see the difference. It’s only 15 pounds, but it’s kind of huge here. I looked even better when it was 40. And hey, I look good for someone who had just walked 2 miles at 8,000 feet.

(For the curious, a picture of when I was 40 pounds down is here.)


8 thoughts on “I hate the gym.

  1. I’ve tried to go to a gym. I simply cannot do it. The fact that you do it? So excellent. (AND, most importantly, your UGH photos? Not UGH at all.)

    • Aw, thanks! :)

      I have discovered that I can’t do it at home – I need the gym or I don’t do it. I’m too easily distracted at home.

  2. If you are doing something you hate, it won’t work. Didn’t you like the zumba or whatever classes they had? Find a fun activity. I just bought a groupon to get my yoga stretch on. I find that for me it is like 80% diet and 20% working out that keeps things balanced. But seriously, you will only hate yourself by forcing things you dislike into your life. There are so many “workout” options that it is pretty easy to stay active and not be in a gym.

    • Yes, I loved the Zumba classes. But I need to work my way back up – I can’t do an hour at a time right now, so I’m trying to start small. It’s a process. :)

  3. You’re right… It’s SOMETHING! Just making the effort to get that extra activity in is SOMETHING. I think it’s awesome. We’re on our way to Skinnyville, girl! :-)

    P.S. You have an awesome rack. Color me jealous.

  4. Kudos to you for getting back to the gym! I’ve never been a gym goer. Like you said, everyone is way too into their own workouts, but I’m so damned self-conscious. I work out at home (I heart Jillian!)…always have. Sometimes the dogs and cats get in my way, though :)

  5. Hey we are proud of you whether you are 300 lbs or 140. We love you for what is in your heart.

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