space may be the final frontier

I feel like the universe is fucking with me. There are actual things that have caused this feeling – like my iTunes account getting hacked* – and also just a general feeling of…well, being fucked with by the universe.

I really don’t know how else to explain it. Hopefully it will pass soon enough and all will be sunshine and daisies again.

The good stuff, though, is nice:

  • I think I can officially say I got a promotion of sorts at work. I’ll be working fewer hours (for the moment, at least) for more money. I’m essentially doing the same job I’ve been doing for the last several months, I’m just getting paid for it now.
  • This also means that I get off work earlier in the day, thus giving me no excuse to skip the gym (as I will get there before everyone else gets off work & should be able to find parking, a treadmill (I’m starting small), and a locker for my stuff with no problem). *sigh* No excuses.
  • I’ve been off the soda for 7 weeks now. For whatever reason, the last week + have been harder than the first couple weeks were. Or at least what I remember from them. But I have not caved. Mostly because I know that I won’t stop at just one soda to satisfy the craving. Although I am still dreaming about Dr. Pepper. I think I might start hallucinating soon.
  • One of the Stonecutters got engaged last week. It’s very exciting for her (and all of us) and I could not be happier for them.
  • I had Crack Rice over the weekend & saw The Kings Speech. Excellent food & a good movie. (Crack rice, for the uninitiated is an off-menu item at one of the local places. Not actually called Crack Rice, but I can’t ever remember the real name. It’s got pork, shrimp, Chinese sausage, and all the other goodies from fried rice in it, but it’s not fried rice. It’s about a million times better than fried rice. I could eat it all the time. Seriously.)
  • YIP 197.365 Craft Area - afterOh! I did get my craft area reorganized last week. It looks (and FEELS) so much nicer now. If only I could get the rest of my living room straightened up as well, we’d be on track. This picture is the after, before is here. I was not exaggerating when I said it looked like a hurricane blew through it.

*Someone hacked my account & set up an allowance for someone else. Trying to get my money back has been a clusterfuck, especially with the extra bank holiday in there yesterday. The lesson I learned? I’ll be using gift cards to fund my trips to the iTunes store in the future.


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  1. Mine got hacked a few weeks back and they drained my gift card I had on there. It was still a PITA. Very annoying, and did NOT match my buying preference, if they cared at all. In fact, the crap they downloaded was in chinese, so yeah. Not really me, kthx.

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