A hurricane blew through my craft area

I have a corner of my living room dedicated to craft storage – fabric, thread, miscellaneous sewing supplies, all that jazz.* Right now, though, it’s so insanely messy that I can’t find anything. I need to reorganize.

A year or so ago I was gifted a couple wall-mount wooden spool holders for the thread I have, but I never put them up. I have pictures on the wall & wasn’t thinking creatively about moving them. Plus I have some plastic containers that worked. Except that I keep knocking them over, unleashing spools of thread & bobbins onto my floor, sometimes never to be seen again.

With the addition of the loom to my arsenal of crafty items, the area is even more cluttered than before. I need to purge, find out what I’ve got, and find new places to store some of the stuff that doesn’t need to be out all the time (like my quilt batting for the quilt I haven’t made yet). I’m feeling inspired to run home and get sorting and tossing and donating. I’m hoping I’ll still feel up to it when I finally get home tonight.

I already predict that there will be some hard decisions to make:

  • I have Christmas fabric from when I was making some stockings for my etsy shop that didn’t sell very well. Will I use it again? What for?
  • Do I really need to keep (insert obscure tool here that I might never use)?
  • Can I make myself part with the t-shirts that have been taking up space waiting for me to make a t-shirt quilt? (The reality is that a t-shirt quilt, while an excellent way to keep those items around & functional, does not really fit with my decorating “style”. Not that I really have a style, but it is not the look I’m going for. I don’t know that it would even work as a throw in the living room.)

The plan of attack involves a before picture to be taken when I get home tonight. Then, well, a mess will take over my living room. It will get worse before it gets better. But hopefully once I’m done I will be able to find things (like the pieces of my cousin’s quilt), plan projects, and know what I need to pick up to make an awesome tote for my swap partner(s).

*Not the yarn. It is in a corner in my bedroom. In multiple containers. I have quite the stash.