Turning off the radio

Allow me to complain for a moment.

Last week, after Christmas, local radio station 100.3 changed formats from “The Sound”, which I quite liked, to “GenX Radio”, which is not terrible, but it’s just NOT THE SAME.

What I liked about The Sound’s format was that I could hear music that wasn’t on other stations in the city. It was almost like a modern version of my old favorite, The River. A lot of the music I featured in my early “Sunday music” posts found it’s way to The Sound, and that made me happy. I LOVED having a station that played new songs and had a playlist that wasn’t like the other stations in St. Louis.

I read somewhere that they “hadn’t made gains in the market” & that’s why the format change. Maybe there weren’t gains in the market because the signal wasn’t strong enough to be heard more than 20 miles out of the city and not because it wasn’t a well-liked station. Maybe they should have given a young station a chance.

The question I ponder about the change is this: Does St. Louis really need another 90s station? Or at least, do we need another station that doesn’t focus on current music?

Maybe we could have replaced one of the 15billion country stations in town with GenX Radio instead. That’s a trade I’d be happy to see.


2 thoughts on “Turning off the radio

  1. This really aggravated me too. I liked the Sound. How would they even know how many people are listening?

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