Happy Holidays…

fa la laOkay, really – who still sends out Christmas cards?

I haven’t sent them in 3 years. Since that picture was taken. But I’ve had cards waiting for me to fill out and send for about that long. They silently mock me from their unopened boxes every year. I can’t buy new cards because I have awesome ones to send out. But they never make it out of the box.

See, I l0ve getting cards. I always have grand plans of being able to get my shit together enough to send them, but next thing you know it’s a couple days before Christmas and I still haven’t sent out cards. Let’s not even discuss how late the Hanukkah cards are for my Jewish friends.

This year I’m making a valiant effort to get the cards in the mail. Of course, I’m using labels instead of addressing them by hand, but this year, PEOPLE WILL GET CARDS.