I think I’m losing my mind this time

As the season of potlucks and holiday gatherings grows ever closer, my brain has shut down.

I bake. It’s what I do.

I’ve said this about eleventy billion times in the last 3 weeks as I prepare for these events. Four of them between now and Christmas Day.

I need to make

  • 1 appetizer
  • 1+ batch super awesome cookies for baking contest (there will be a pre-event sample made this weekend)
  • 2 batches salted brown butter crispy treats.
  • 1 brunch item
  • 2 desserty items.

Brunch is easy – a baked French Toast. The appetizer threw me for a loop for a while – it’s not in my repertoire. But I FINALLY got that figured out, so I can obsess about the other things. Cookies took over my thought process for a day or so, but I have a plan now.

The desserts. They are throwing me off. I don’t know what to do. Cupcakes? Pie? Cake? Brownies? What flavor? Something well tested or new to me? Do I want fruit? Chocolate? What about a sweet quick bread? Is it weird to serve pumpkin at a winter holiday gathering?*

YIP 156.365 GarlandI thought I wanted to branch out and go with something that was NOT cupcakes for once, but they are one of my strengths. And, well, my aunt rocks the cakes at the family gathering. I don’t know if she’ll bring one, but knowing the family, she will.

Me? I’ll be over here in the corner distracted by the sparkly Christmas decorations until my brain decides what I should make.

Update: Mere minutes after posting this, I had a breakthrough. I figured out what to make for the Christmas Eve event. YES! Too bad I couldn’t have figured out what I need to make next week. :P

*Why am I trying to figure this out RIGHT NOW? Well, I was hoping to swing by the grocery store tonight & just get everything I needed all at once. Perhaps that was just a dream.