The one where I might be motivated.

It’s (nearly) the holidays. I don’t have the energy to string random paragraphs together to form a cohesive whole. So, random health-related paragraphs, it is!

I’ve (once again) made it a full week without soda of any kind. The detox is, thus far, going well.* I need to do a bit of a sugar detox once I’ve made it through the holidays, I think. Or at least a chocolate detox.

I tracked my food all last week, but didn’t really change my eating habits for the week. This week, I’m making an attempt to keep my daily calorie intake at 1700. This seems ridiculously high, I know, but it’s cutting about 500 calories a day (at a minimum) from what I’ve been doing.

Mindy sent me this graphic last week & it’s terrifying. While I know that the averages they computed are skewed by any outlying data, it’s still CRAZY that the average American daily caloric intake is almost 3800 calories. On my REALLY bad days, I hit 2700. And that is fast food for lunch and dinner bad.

My gym membership hasn’t restarted yet, but I am looking forward to doing some yoga at home tonight. It’s not cardio, but it is good for strength training.

I feel fat. I saw a picture of myself from this weekend and thought my fingers looked especially chubby. And, well, I am fat. So there’s that. *sigh*

*I was actually doing pretty good until I went on vacation at the end of September, but then it just all went to hell. If you fall off the horse, you have to get back on. Eventually.