The return of the dots.

Oh, hi. A week and a half since a real post? That seems about right. I’ve only got dots for updates.

  • Holiday crafting is going well, I think. I finished one of the bigger projects last night, which went fairly quickly as I was anxious to see what it would look like done.
  • My gym membership restarts this upcoming weekend & I’m kind of excited. I’ve found myself wanting to stop in there & get my workout on over the past week or so. Working out at home was an epic fail – I just can’t get motivated to do it. I may try to get in a few days of yoga this week just so I’m good & stretched out before I head back to the actual gym. It also helps with the strength that I’ve lost by becoming sedentary again.
  • While dogsitting this weekend, I watched way too many episodes of What Not To Wear. I now hate everything in my wardrobe except this one pair of jeans I’m currently wearing. I need a fashion intervention. And a free $5000 for a new wardrobe.
  • While I enjoy the extended TV choices & spending time with my favorite dogs, I do miss my place when I’m watching the dogs. My comfy bed & pillow, the cats sleeping on me, deciding to randomly vacuum one day… What I did not miss was the loud neighbor with whom I share a bedroom wall.
  • One of my upstairs neighbors appears to have moved out this weekend. I know this because they were moving furniture from like 7 to 10:30 last night. Loudly. I am becoming that person who needs a 10pm noise curfew. No sex, no vacuuming, and no moving of heavy things after 10pm on a work night!
  • I was going to try to end on a happier note than bitching about my neighbors, but my brain is a little fried. We’re coming off a long weekend, the weather is gloomy & wet, and my arthritis is acting up. I got nothing.