Handmade Holidays II

YIP 139.365 Swatching

I wasn’t going to make my holiday gifts again. I didn’t even think about it until the end of October & thought it was too late. But a quick perusal of my finances reveals that really, I NEED to make my gifts. I can’t afford not to.*

The thing about making gifts is that it requires much more thought and effort than just buying things for people. So even though I’m saving a little bit of green this year by not buying off the wish list, I’m putting much more thought into the gifts than if I just bought them.

YIP 136.365 Crochet "Swatch"
This is a swatch that was going to be a scarf before I realized I wouldn’t have enough yarn.

As luck and chance would have it, there is a fairly small group of people for which I need to have gifts. And while I love giving people things, when you’re making them yourself, it’s nice to have a small group. I was a little stumped on D-squared, so I asked them what they might like & they made a simple request – fingerless mitts (technically fingerTIP-less mitts). The friends are taken care of (well, their projects are decided on or in progress), though I may add a small something I found instructions for yesterday. Depends on if I have the supplies or not. The only thing left to figure out is the family exchange gift for Christmas Eve.

While I’ve gotten started a good 6 weeks later than I did last year, I feel (at the moment) like I’ve got it all under control. Hopefully I can just keep that feeling going for the next six FIVE weeks. At least this year I don’t have to worry about end-of-semester school stuff, too.

If you need me, I’ll be getting crafty.

*I just happened to read my post from last year about the projects & it said “If I do this again next year I’ll have to start planning earlier”. Ha!


2 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays II

  1. oh, i totally know that feeling!! One of my goals for 201 was to knit a stockpile of chirstmas gifts all year long, so I’d have lots of great things to gift. Little did I relaize that I’d be giving them out as birthday gifts, mother’s day gift, etc. I guess if I have a finished knit and I know it’s going to someone else, I give it away too quickly!

    • I always wait until the last minute. Every year I also want to knit some small decorations for my place, but never get a chance to because of the gift knitting/making. *sigh* It won’t be weird if I’m knitting a mitten garland in February, right?

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