The (crochet) learning curve

YIP 130.365 Chain Lace Scarf

I’ve been (somewhat obsessively) working on this crochet scarf out of leftovers from various other projects. It’s the Chain Lace Big Fat Scarf (rav link) from Crochet in Color. I saw it on ravelry one day quite randomly and fell in love. I became obsessed, but I had other projects to finish. Mittens, fingerless mitts, the 15* other projects I have going right now. But I couldn’t help myself.

I satisfied my desire to start RIGHT NOW with completing the foundation chain. 363 stitches. Which are not nearly as easy to count in crochet as they are in knitting. And then for some insane reason, I started with navy yarn. NAVY. The only thing harder to see would have been black. *sigh*

There have been some mistakes so far, most of which I was able to fudge around without having to redo entire rows of crochet. Especially in the navy section. But now that I’m using a lighter color, it’s harder to hide the oops moments. I made one last night that isn’t so easy to fix & I realized that I have no clue how to really fix mistakes when I’m using a hook instead of 2 needles. Knitting mistakes? I am a master at fixing those. But crochet mistakes? My brain just doesn’t comprehend what to do sometimes.

At least I know people who have been crocheting longer than I have that I can ask for help (which will hopefully not involve just ripping back to the mistake & fixing it).  If I do have to rip back, at least I won’t have to worry about dropped stitches with crochet. That’s a definite plus.

*This number is only a slight exaggeration. I have a problem with cast-on-itis.


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  1. that’s so awesome that you’re working on your crochet skills! I’d love to learn as well, so it’s great to hear about others adventures in crochet.

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