An update on knitting.

I did get some knitting time in during my busy weekend. I had hoped to finish up a second pair of fingerless gift mitts this weekend, but considering I hadn’t started the second of the pair until Saturday night, I got surprisingly close. I finished the last few rows & thumb last night during TV time. Now that they’re done, I can work on the second of the mittens of indescribable awesomeness for Mindy (when there isn’t something I need to pay attention to going on), then I have about 8 billion other things I want to knit or crochet.

I’m in a weird knitting state right now. I want to finish things I’ve got started, but I also keep wanting to start new things RIGHT NOW. I’ve also recently rescued yarn from two failed projects & feel for some reason as if I need to decide what to do with the rescued yarn immediately. I really can just place it lovingly back in my stash & pull it out when I’m ready.
YIP 113.365 ScrappedOne of the things I want to start RIGHT NOW (and, in fact, did the foundation chain for already because I’m CRAZY) is the Chain Lace Big Fat Scarf (ravelry link). The original uses 9 colors of Koigu KPPM, which would make for an expensive scarf. I will be using these leftovers from various projects for my version. I’m not sure how many of the colors I have laid out that I will get through, but it’ll be a fun way to use up the scraps & whatever I don’t use will probably get incorporated into another scrap yarn project.

With the chill in the air this morning after the insane storm that ripped through StL around 4am, I also have a strong desire to get my Twenty Ten sweater going again. I’d love to finish it in time to wear before the year is out, but I can’t guarantee that will happen. I’d really like to get some things off the needles, too, even with this bout of cast-on-itis.