Sunday Music #8

In this weeks edition of Sunday Music (posted on Monday due to a minor computer fracas Sunday night), a few pop songs I like that maybe I shouldn’t. In most cases, I only knew the song & not who sang it, so this one required a little research, even though the radio keeps playing all of these.

Taio Cruz – Dynamite

B.o.B. feat. Rivers Cuomo – Magic

Adam Lambert – If I Had You*

And because next Sunday is Halloween, a little clip from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Sweet Transvestite (click to watch on Hulu)

*When Adam Lambert was on American Idol**, I always thought the judges were smoking something during his performances. He was good, but I just didn’t get the same wow factor from him that they did. I do enjoy his music I hear on the radio now, though.

**As another side note, is it just me, or had AI totally run it’s course now? The last few seasons have definitely been hit or miss when it comes to the contestants.