I will buy you a garden

My weekend turned out much busier than I expected, which was good for my social life, but bad for knitting.

Saturday morning found me at the Tower Grove Farmers Market with Kim, where I bought all manner of things that were not vegetables.
YIP 114.365 TGFM Haul
Eggs, soup mix, lamb stew meat (to become a lamb chili sometime soon), soap*, a wrist thing to hook my keys onto, earrings, and SUPER TASTY granola. Not a single vegetable, though I did run by the grocery store & pick some up before I headed home. Not pictured are the breakfast taco, iced sugared up coffee, and green tomato spice muffin I consumed while we were there.

I love everything, but the wrist thing is awesome – I got it so that I have a place to hold my keys when I leave to go walk around the neighborhood. Having to worry about holding onto them & my water bottle & are excuses I use to not leave the apartment to walk. I’m not saying they’re good excuses, but now I have one less. I can’t do much about the water bottle, so I just need to deal with it & not use it as an excuse.

Saturday night I went to a fancypants charity dinner for work. I was so completely out of my element – I am not a fancypants girl. The food was delicious, though. After I got home, I stayed up way too late to finish knitting a pair of fingerless mitts that are a gift.

Sunday after knitting, I went over to Mindy & her hubs house for dinner, where I got some quality puppy time in. I just loves me up some Simon & Rileypants. I also got to eat a tasty dinner & watch an episode of Dirty Jobs.
RILEYPANTS!Simon the Wonderpup
Look at those puppy faces! (photos from last time I puppy-sat them)

*I bought this hoping it will help with my acne (as that’s what it is designed to do) – it’s been really bad (for me) lately. It’s like I am being punished for having good skin in high school. I am THIRTY-FIVE, people. I should not have acne! /end rant


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  1. Are you sure it’s acne and not the beginnings of rosacea? I’m asking because I wish someone would have said something to me 5 years ago while I was frantically treating my acne which apparently is the beginnings of rosacea and all the stuff I was using – made it worse. I just thought I had a lot of forehead and nose acne all of a sudden….

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