Now that I’ve recovered from vacation & told you all about it*, let’s talk about the awesome, yet awful tote I sewed up before the trip.

YIP 78.365 Tote
Hello, awesome.

This tote. Oh, I love it so, but I hated sewing it together. There are layers of interfacing, a thin layer of fleece, and a double layer of super-thick stabilizer (Timtex/Peltex) on the bottom. To say this bag challenged both me and my sewing machine is putting it lightly. Some of those challenges were documented previously, so I won’t rehash them.

In the end, I threw off the alignment in my sewing machine by trying to get through one of the seams on the top of the bag while sewing the handles in. So it needs to get to the shop, which led me to borrow a machine from D-squared to finish the bag.

You’ll never guess what happened. I broke ANOTHER needle. This one was a titanium coated topstitch needle that is supposed to go through ANYTHING. Except the one section of this bag that gave me trouble.

In the end, I just walked the machine over the rogue section & went about my business. I finished the bag in time to take it on my trip, where it wasn’t quite big enough to hold my cameras, knitting, & computer. Mostly because I took too many knitting projects along.

The final tally was 4 needles broken – 3 denim (which the pattern said to use), 1 titanium coated topstitch needle – and one sewing machine in need of repair. I’m also now out of interfacing & fleece, which I try to keep on hand to suit my sewing whims. Which I guess means no sewing, although I could potentially work on Christy’s quilt top while I still have D-squared’s machine hanging out at my place.

It’s awesome how I even remembered to have the flowers face the right way on this one. :)

While I love this bag in general, I don’t know that I would ever make it again. It was so much work & I had so many problems with it that it’s just not worth the effort.

*Everything except for the part where I was on a plane on the runway for two hours trying to leave Phoenix. There were thunderstorms. Which in the Midwest was a light rain, but there the control tower didn’t know what to do. We finally got off the ground during a very brief break in the weather, 5 minutes after which they grounded everybody again.