I still don’t have my car

Remember this?

YIP 84.365 MINOR car accident. Whoopsy.

That’s the little bit of damage from my car accident right before vacation.

I say “little bit” like it’s nothing. It was much worse than it looks.

I still don’t have my car back. I cracked yesterday and called back to check on it. Again.

Last week the parts for the airbag were on backorder.

Today the car is in the paint shop & getting painted. It will be ready by Friday at the latest, but hopefully done on Thursday.

The lessons here?

  1. Make sure you have rental coverage on your insurance.
  2. Always expect that it will take 3 weeks to get your car fixed, no matter how little damage there is.

I have to get busy. I owe about 18 people* favors for hauling my ass around for the past week.

*Or three. Possibly to increase in number when I find a way to get to Festus to pick the damn thing up.


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