Vacation Day 9 – Sedona

On Sunday, I headed up to Sedona to meet up with one of the Stonecutters. In the 4 previous times I’ve found myself just a couple hours away from her, we haven’t managed to connect. This time, though, we did.

I’ve had several people tell me time and again that I should visit Sedona. That it was amazing and the scenery and blah blah blah. W suggested we meet up there, so I went along with it. At one point in the drive there, I saw the sun shining on the red rocks and said “oh, wow.” I can see why I needed to visit this place. It was gorgeous.

Day 9: Chapel of the Holy Cross
The first stop of the trip was the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is a very cool place – it’s got a great scenic view, although I wouldn’t really recommend hiking up the hill to get to the chapel. Well, I might recommend it sometime in the future when I’m in better shape.

After a serendipitous stop at a little craft fair & lunch, we headed towards Jerome with the intention of stopping in their local yarn & bead shop, though the skies were threatening us with rain as we got closer. The closer to Jerome we got, the darker & cloudier it was until it was pouring down rain on us. My first glimpse of Jerome through W’s rain-spattered windshield was amazing and terrifying at the same time. What you have here is a town essentially built into the side of a mountain. We drove through town, getting higher and higher through the switchbacks on 89A that led through the main part of town, with roads veering off every turn. I’m lucky that W is experienced in driving through the mountains, being a resident of Flagstaff, but it was still kind of scary. It’s hard for me to describe what going through town was like. I searched for pictures that accurately capture the feeling of the town & that was also next to impossible (being that it was raining, I didn’t get any myself).
Jerome, Arizona
not taken by me. From Walt K on flickr.

This is the closest I came to the feeling of driving through Jerome. You can see hwy 89A snaking through town, the buildings as you get higher on the mountain, the kind of amazing view you can appreciate if you aren’t mildly terrified.

YIP 93.365 Vacation: Day 9 - Sedona
We did, eventually, get back to Sedona & explore more of the red rocks – W drove us out Schnebly Hill Road just a couple miles (it’s an unpaved dirt/rock road that goes 13 miles all the way back out to the highway). Because of the storms headed in, the light was doing some pretty amazing things to the rocks.

Day 9: Me & Wendy

We ended the day by stopping for ice cream downtown, then each headed back the direction we came. I would love to visit Sedona again and see more of the formations, as well as do some fancy pants shopping. Next time.

Day 9: Sky