Vacation Days 6, 7, & 8 – Phoenix

Once in Phoenix, we spent time resting and relaxing, interspersed with seeing and doing. I did manage to bake a batch of strawberry banana cupcakes for Christy (and everyone else) on Thursday in between the resting & relaxing.

On Friday, we stopped by Heard Museum North in Scottsdale, which is a museum for Native American art & culture. This is a (much) smaller satellite of the main museum downtown, which I had been to previously. One of the exhibits had a display of different woven textiles & even weaving tools. Naturally, this was my favorite part.
YIP 91.365 Vacation: Day 7 - Heard Museum, Hopi Weaving Day 7: Heard Museum, North

After the Heard Museum, my cousin Christy drove the two of us out to Knit Happens, a lovely yarn shop in south Scottsdale. I picked up a small amount of souvenir yarn (Mirasol Yarns Miski – I’ve picked up this brand more than once as souvenir yarn, I’m just drawn to their fiber & color when I’m visiting places & my LYS doesn’t carry the brand at all).

Day 7: Cerreta's Candy Company
After yarn & lunch, we decided to visit Cerreta’s Candy – it’s a Phoenix-based chocolate company that is conveniently located close to my aunt & uncle’s house. Well, on their end of town, at least. I had only discovered this candy existed earlier in the day when I happened on a display in the local grocery store. Christy mentioned where they were located & we made plans to stop by at some point on my trip. Since we found ourselves with a few spare hours on Friday, we headed to check them out.

Day 7: Cerreta's Candy Company
I think I picked up one of nearly everything in this little section to try. They are delicious, even if I can’t remember what they are. I may have gone a little overboard on the candy this trip, but what are vacations for?

Saturday was Christy’s baby shower, so the morning was quiet. We had delicious breakfast burritos from a local place that I can’t remember the name of. I have not, in the past, been a fan of the breakfast burrito, but I think it’s just because I’ve seen people do weird things with them. These, however, were awesome. I actually would have liked a bit of a mild salsa with mine, as the two sauces we got were a little bit too spicy for me (although, again, delicious).

YIP 92.365 Vacation: Day 8 - Christy's Baby Shower
The baby shower was nice. Christy named me the event photographer, so I spent some time documenting things as they happened. Bonus: there were no melted candy bars in diapers to identify. Yay!

Day 8: Dust storm
After dinner Saturday night (where Christy made carnitas, the recipe for which I will be stealing), I got to experience my first Arizona dust storm (see picture), which was soon tamped down by my first Arizona rain storm. Not really a storm, actually, just a bit of rain that got the dust out of the air.

This was my fifth trip to Phoenix & I’m having trouble believing that this was the first time I experienced their “storms”, although this would not be the last time during the trip that a little bit of rain came my way.