In which we start off with a bang

I have returned from vacation. I had a lovely time, but it’s good to be home. SO VERY GOOD. I did take the time to document my roadtrip adventures & even some of the Phoenix-related adventures. The next few several posts are all vacation all the time. Enjoy. Or whatever.

Vacation, Day 1.

We left StL very early in the morning* with the intention of being in Chelsea, Oklahoma by lunchtime. You’ve never heard of Chelsea? It merits a passing mention in my roadtrip book, but not much more. It’s a small town – around 2,000 people, one of which is my Aunt Cathy.

Anyway, things were going swimmingly until we got about 4 miles from the Vinita exit (another small town in Eastern Oklahoma) and the van ran out of gas. Yes, folks. We ran out of gas on the highway. In the middle of nowhere. In Oklahoma. We made a futile call to our roadside assistance team, who couldn’t find anyone to bring us gas (thanks, at&t!), the called for reinforcements in the form of Cathy & her boyfriend.**

Eventually, my aunt shows up with some gas to rescue us & runs across the highway. We fill up, wait for her friend who is a man to turn around (at the next exit. Which was at least 10 miles away. Because there was no other way to do it.) & head to lunch – having lost about an hour and a half of our time for the day.

Lesson learned: The van does not have a low fuel light.

We had lunch in a nice little place in Chelsea, then visited Cathy’s shop on Main Street and checked out (briefly) the festival that happened to be going on.

I got a funnel cake. (And yes, I am also COVERED in powdered sugar. Go figure.)

Oh, yes, I said FUNNEL CAKE.

On our way back to the highway, we stopped to see the World’s Largest Totem Pole (which is larger than I remember it being over 20 years ago when I saw it last).

The Totem Pole doesn’t really warrant a long drawn out visit, but it’s interesting enough if you’re in the area. It’s quite large, and a quirky roadside attraction.

The rest of the day passed without incident – we made it to my cousin Becky’s house, took in a jewelry party she’d forgotten about until earlier in the week, had dinner, chatted for a while, and made an attempt to fall asleep.

*By which I mean 7am. It is early for a Saturday. And pretty much any day of the week. If I’m showering when it’s still dark o’clock, it’s too early.

**There comes an age when I think it’s ridiculous to call your romantic partner a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. I think I am at that age now, which means my aunt is definitely past it. But saying “manfriend” sounds weird. And isn’t even a word, or so says spell check. ANYWAY. Someone come up with a word for boyfriend or girlfriend that you can use in your 30s and beyond without saying the generic (and vaguely creepy when used romantically) “partner”.


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  1. Significant Other seems to work for most situations and is a well known term, if boy/girlfriend grate on your sensibilities or you don’t want to appear juvenile in an older crowd. I’ve used it on occasion, though it does tend to leave the listener (if they don’t know you) wondering which gender your other half happens to be. Same situ with using Partner, I would think.

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