Oh, I’m feeling better now

I was involved in a minor car accident last night – no permanent damage to either me or the other driver. In fact, his car even came out of the whole thing much better, with only a little smooshed license plate. My car, on the other hand, needs fixed because I can’t get the door closed unless I’m outside the car. OF COURSE. *sigh* I’m also a bit sore where the airbag hit my arm.

I was hit in the side by a chevy cavalier as I attempted to make a left turn on a busy road. It’s a long story, but I’m never ever EVER paying attention to some crazy woman trying to wave me across the street in front of her again.

DamagedThe damage, like I said, is minor, but enough that I didn’t feel I could really drive safely. Heck, getting it home last night while hanging onto the door was enough fun for me.

I spent a portion of last night & this morning making arrangements to get the car to the auto body shop and talking to the insurance company. Things are set up, the car is on the way to my favorite shop* in Festus as we speak (or it may already be there).

Everyone I’ve dealt with has been really helpful & nice. Yes, they’re going to get a nice chunk of change at the end of the day, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll get great service. The other driver was nice, the police officer that took care of the report was professional and made sure we weren’t hurt or anything.** The insurance folks got down to business & took care of me, the auto body folks were awesome about letting me know it would be taken care of, and the towing company were good about meeting me at home to pass off the key when I had time this morning.

In fact, the only iffy thing that I’ve had to deal with was the tow truck driver looking at the car, then saying “It’s not driveable?” Well, technically, it can be driven, but the door doesn’t really close so well. So it’s not driveable the 30+ miles to Festus if I have to hang onto the door the whole way. And you know what? Car doors are kind of heavy & unwieldy when you’re driving.

The best part about the whole thing? The other driver was a seminary student. It’s almost like I was being smote by the big guy.

Now that everything’s taken care of? I can get back to business tonight & start packing for vacation.

*Who has a favorite auto body shop? I MEAN SERIOUSLY. Honestly, it’s been so very long since I needed any body work done, I’m just glad they’re still around & can get the work done while I’m on vacation.

**Which, yes, should be par for the course when you’re in an accident, but sometimes people have rough days & they aren’t always as nice as they could be.


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  1. Did the lady who waved you out stop? I know of a few cases where the person who did the waving out was considered partially at fault for the accident.

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