I don’t wanna fall another moment into your gravity

I didn’t mean for there to be radio silence this week, I had even planned to write a couple different times. But the week got away from me – life has been busy at work & home while I try to make sure I’ve got everything taken care of before vacation.

  • My hair is red again. Not quite intentionally, but not unintentionally, either. I bought auburn hair dye, I put it on my hair, yet I expected that because it was already colored, my hair would retain more of the brown than it did. I’m still getting used to it. Again.
  • Lots of family time this week – my Aunt Marion & Uncle Bob were in town from Seattle visiting, so I spent my Thursday evening at a family BBQ so I could see them. I like to see the family, I am weird like that.
  • Thursday was also 5 years since mom passed. I had planned a little tribute post (again), but instead woke up at an ungodly hour to be at work for a 7am meeting, worked all day, then drove down to DeSoto for the BBQ. While I was driving, I realized that I had put on her ring without even thinking about it – it’s one I used to wear all the time, but is a bit big now, so I don’t wear it much. I put it on because the ring I normally wear clashed horribly with my shirt (pink and red do NOT go together in one outfit). So, in a way, it was like she was hanging out with me that day.
  • I also inherited a giant pile of photos that I will probably not get to look through until after vacation – D-squared had a yard sale this weekend & found them in the cleaning up and sorting of stuff, so they brought them to the BBQ to pass off to me.
  • So much knitting. And crochet. I finally took the plunge and started working on the Queen Anne scarf (ravelry link) last night. I’m fairly close to done with it now (and have a bit of “i want to stay up until it’s done” mentality, but I’m tired) and it’s SO MUCH EASIER than I thought it would be.
  • I managed to finish the monster tote. It’s not perfect and I broke yet ANOTHER sewing machine needle finishing it, but it is DONE. I think the total number of broken needles for this tote is 4. FOUR BROKEN NEEDLES. But the bag looks good and it will serve me well on vacation.
  • New feature I would like to see on the iPod – ability to set specific playlists to shuffle instead of having to turn it on for ALL of them.