Beneath the stars

At knit night this week, we were chatting about lace projects & first lace projects. Sharon is currently in a ribbing section (read: easy knit night work) of a piece with lace at each end, or her “yarn over section” as we affectionately call it so she doesn’t mess up the lace. Which led to our discussion.

Rachel mentioned how her first attempt at Branching Out failed several times, even though people had said it was “easy lace” and a “great beginner project”. I looked at that pattern today and I say these people are “crazy”.

I tried and failed at a few several lace projects before I was able to do one successfully. I couldn’t get the hang of Cozy, ripped out a chevron scarf, and, while not lace, was driven INSANE by the first 3 rows of Clapotis. There was even an attempt at a mystery stole in there, during which I discovered I am not a person who can knit blindly without knowing what the final product will look like.

I’m not sure when my feelings about lace changed – somewhere along the line I went from the person who lacked the attention span for lace to someone who can fix (some) mistakes 3 rows back. Along the line I gained the confidence to try something really complicated. Then again, I also got better at reading my knitting and knowing when there was going to be a mistake.

I feel like I’ve conquered lace. There are still some projects I won’t attempt, but not because I don’t think I couldn’t do it if I applied myself. More because I don’t want to rip my hair out while knitting and I just don’t desire the challenge of a pattern that is different every single row.

YIP 344.365 Aeolian

My next lace challenge? Laminaria, using this yarn. Sometime in the future when I get out of my warm and yummy texture phase.