FO: Boneyard Shawl

Back in October, when I was just starting in on my Handmade Holiday insanity, I decided to start work on a giant cozy shawl for myself. I clearly wasn’t thinking straight.

boneyard shawl

The shawl languished in my pile of WIPs for months. I’d do a row here or there and occasionally take it to knit groups. Eventually, it grew to larger proportions. By the time I started working with my 4th (of 6) ball of yarn, I grew obsessed with finishing. This happens to me close to the end of large projects – I finally get to that point where I can see the day I reclaim my needles and just knit only on that project until it’s done. By that time, though, I was only getting about a repeat of the pattern per ball. I knew I only had about 1 repeat (which is just 13 rows including the ridge) of yarn left if I wanted to be sure to have a substantial garter edge. In the end, I could have made the garter border a bit wider, but I am terrible at judging how much yarn I’d need to add the rows PLUS how much I need to bind off.

Boneyard Shawl

I finally blocked the shawl during my own little blocking party last weekend & I couldn’t be happier. I don’t know that it’s as large as I envisioned, but it is huge and cozy. I love a good simple pattern & I’m tempted to make a smaller version to just tuck into my coat come winter and keep the chill off my neck.

Details on ravelry.

YIP 45.365 Ridges