it’s a matter of conditioning

I’ve not been doing well on getting back in the exercise groove. I have good intentions, but those don’t get me very far unless I actually put the dvd in the player and do the workout.

One of my issues is that I plan to workout when I get home from work. I need to modify this plan to either (a) do it RIGHT when I get home from work, before I eat dinner or (b) force myself out of bed and do it first thing in the morning. The morning would probably be the best option if I could get out of bed, but I am not a morning person. Then again, I’d have the workout done for the day before I even got in the shower, so that’s a plus. I keep waking up at 5:45 every morning anyway, might as well use that time to my advantage.

I also keep forgetting that I don’t have the endurance that I used to, so I think I can do more than I can at this point. I know I’ll get back to where I was and be able to handle even more, but I have to remember that I’m basically starting over at this point.

Last night after what turned into only 10 minutes of yoga (during which I collapsed face first in a heap on the floor, unable to hold downward dog another second), I made a plan. I’m going to do the 30 Day Shred
dvd every day from now until I go on vacation. 20 minutes, once a day. Surely even I can manage to find the time in my day to workout for 20 minutes, right? I may switch this up one or two days a week and do the yoga* dvd or pilates instead, but I need to build up some of my strength and endurance again before I do that.

As for food, well, I’ve been doing better. Still not great, but a little better. I’m tracking my food again, which I had let lapse. It’s much easier to eat badly when  you don’t think about how many calories a day you’re eating. So when I’m tracking, I can also see where it all goes wrong (usually between lunch and leaving work – it’s my worst time of day for food). My next goal is to get my vegetable intake up – I eat more fruit than I probably should, but I like sugar. I just need to up the ante with some more veggies, get up to that 5-9 servings a day they suggest.

I’m making plans for vacation, too – exercise and snack wise.

  • For the exercise, I’m hoping to be able to take a quick walk/jog around each time we stop & then do a 20 minute walk in the mornings before I pack up and we hit the road again. If it seems like a bad idea to do the walk, I’ll work on some in-room cardio & strength training.
  • As for snacks, I’m planning to stop by Trader Joe’s and stock up on dried fruits and trail mix, maybe with some healthier salty snacks, too. Whatever keeps me away from the bag of Fritos when we stop for gas or the bathroom. I know my diet won’t be perfect on the trip, but for the most part I plan to stay away from too much fried stuff. The rest of it, well, I’ll try to make healthier choices. Given that I don’t know what the meal plans are for the trip, I’ll do the best I can.

*The dvd that kicks my ass is the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga dvd, and seriously. It is hardcore. They don’t mess around – my arms are always on fire when I get through the first workout.