I miss Dobby*

People, I meant to post a Sunday Music installment yesterday, but I have temporarily misplaced my little notebook full of the songs I like & want to post. So it’s on hold until I find that.

So let me tell you of my current obsessions:

My Animal Crackers hat. I worked through a good portion of this Saturday evening (from earflaps through the colorwork section), then finished the decreases last night & added the braids. I do need to braid the top section of yarn, but I LOVE THIS HAT. MINE.
YIP 58.365 HAT!
Nerdy Harry Potter fangirl RIGHT HERE.

I have cast-on-itis. I want to start about a bazillion projects right now. Today’s obsession – Bobby’s Garden blanket. I bought this pattern a while back with the intent of using my noro stash for it. But now I’m thinking differently. I’m thinking Dream In Color Classy yarn – superwash, soft, colorful. Kind of perfect for it, right?
dic options

This is just me playing around a little.The only color I’m not sure about is the brown, but I have it in my stash. In fact, I have 3 of the 5 colors here in my stash. From top, L-R – Strange Harvest, Punky Fuschia, Spring Tickle (in stash). Bottom – Blue Lagoon (in stash), November Muse (in stash). Granted, I only have 1 skein of each of the three colors right now, but it would get me started & since it’s hexagons, dyelots wouldn’t matter, at least not enough that I’d worry about it. Of course, this is all just hypothetical since I’m not buying any yarn at the moment. But it’s fun to play with color and dream just a bit.

I also really like the Onerva shawl (pdf link). I’m thinking about it in a nice red or maybe teal. Who knows. Probably the red since it is (a) different that the colors I usually go for and (b) has more yardage in a single skein, thus rendering the need to match skeins &/or alterate them every 2 rows unnecessary.

Things I am not liking right now: the changes Slacker made to their free internet radio service. Every time there’s a bit of a change, it’s them taking away a feature unless you want to pay for the service. Something like that will not get me to buy in, Slacker. In fact, it may lose you a customer who had thought about buying in at one time.

*one of my favorite parts of the Prisoner of Azkaban movie – when Lupin is about to attack the kids in werewolf mode you can hear Ron muttering “I miss Dobby, I miss Dobby”. SO FUNNY.


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  1. I can’t believe I’ve never heard Ron say that. I’ll have to watch it again.

    That hex blanket looks pretty awesome, but think of the ends to weave in. Insanity. I’m with you on the brown. I think you need a 5th color that isn’t brown. Brown would look good now, but in 10 years from now it might look dated.

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