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I spent the early part of this week in jury duty. Two days, $24.

This was my first time to ever get picked for jury duty, but I had been around enough people lately who have been there to know there would be a lot of down time. I figured a book and my nook were adequate time killers, and they were. To a point. I ran out of reading material* around 2:30 and we were there until 3:30 on Monday.

Tuesday, I came prepared. Since you can’t take knitting in, I decided to try a crochet project. I set up my foundation chain & did the first few stitches of the first row on Monday night, then worked on it while I was there yesterday and when I was at home after I got dismissed.**

YIP 53.365 Jury Duty Scarf

Now, here’s the thing. I have trouble with my foundation chain being too tight, so I imagine this scarf is going to be all curly and twirly when I finish. Which is fine as I have to keep practicing to get better, right? I also realized as I was on my 3rd row of 240+ stitches that I had been doing half-double crochets instead of double crochets. Ooops. I ripped back the second & third row & fixed them, but decided I wasn’t willing to fight through that first row again & was just going with it.

I’m now over half done with the border, working shell stitch on the foundation chain, which is a bit of a challenge. But in the end, I can say this was my first crocheted scarf & maybe put it in my closet next to my first knit one. Or maybe I’ll actually wear it – the color crochets up pretty cool.

The pattern is the One Skein Scarf (ravelry link) from The Happy Hooker (and apparently also available for free – pdf link), and I can see myself trying it again – just attempting to get that chain set up so it doesn’t go all twirly. It’s a quick and easy pattern, especially for a crochet novice like myself.

A couple recommendations if you ever find yourself at jury duty:

  1. Take enough reading material to get you through an 8 hour day. Then add a book or two.
  2. Peanut butter & jelly sammiches make an excellent lunch if you don’t want to go find the nearest restaurant (or if you don’t want to spend money on lunch).
  3. If you know how to crochet at all, plan to do that. Knitting needles aren’t allowed (at least not in St. Louis City).
  4. You can take your computer & get work done or surf the internet, but you’re going to have to pack it up & carry it around with you when you go anywhere. And in the city, it’s a little under a half mile walk from parking to the courthouse. (There is a van that will take you, but not if you get out early & it didn’t seem to be there on my second day.)
  5. If you’re like me & carry a camera in your purse all the time, take it out. I didn’t even think about having mine with me & I had to check it at the desk on Monday. Tuesday I remembered & left it at home.

*To be honest, I do have a couple extra books on my nook that I just can’t get into. So I tried a bit from both of them and gave up on reading, deciding to watch whatever was on tv instead.

**I did get called for a case, but the case didn’t go to trial after all, so i didn’t even get to the selection process.


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  1. I have more than a couple of books on my Kindle that I can’t get in to — while some of them were free or really cheap, others weren’t and it bugs me a LOT. I think it’s that it’s harder than with a regular book to “read the cover” to remind myself what they’re about…

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