get back in the arms of a good friend*

I am loving texture in my knitted items right now. I keep gravitating towards things with seed stitch or moss stitch, a bit of cables, some purled ridges, and even garter stitch. I’m preparing for fall and winter, when I can use these textured and lovely knits. I’m ready for a change in the weather here and my current knitting reflects that. I felt the hint of fall in the air on this week and I’m ready for it, even if it is only August.

Twenty Ten cardigan in progress

YIP 45.365 Ridges
Boneyard Shawl in progress, so close to done.

YIP 47.365 Seed stitch & cables
Cable & Seed Stitch Wrap newly on the needles.

Also in the queue are the Textured Shawl (photo, pattern -ravelry link). Perhaps out of some lovely silk yarn? And Mara with gorgeous, though endless garter stitch might make for good road trip knitting, don’t you think? (pattern), especially out of lovely Malabrigo Twist. I want to pet it and fondle it a little too much.

I am so into this honeyed gold color right now that it’s killing me to not start knitting with it RIGHT NOW.

If only I had a fireplace to relax in front of come fall and winter, I’d be set.

*I KNOW I have mentioned how happy Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend makes me, but I still get all kinds of boppy and dancey when it comes on.