Sometimes I don’t have much to say or what I do want to talk about makes me feel like a broken record, so I just don’t write.

I need to stop doing that not writing part. I need to have a place where I can come and talk about how I’ve eaten poorly again or gained back a pound or whatever it is on this increasingly long healthy life journey I’m on. So, forgive me in advance for the broken record thing, but I need a place where I can be accountable for my actions. Where I can lay it out and try to work through whatever I have going on. I do better when I know there are other people out there reading up on how I’ve been doing. Which is why I’ve not talked as much about it while being absolute crap on the healthy front.

  • I did not weigh myself this week and I’m not going to. Last week, I was back up to 227 pounds. My starting weight was approximately 244 (again, the scale change thing). So I’m still at a loss, though nowhere near what I was.
  • I worked out once last week. I don’t know what happened after Tuesday, but time got away from me & I just didn’t do it. I have no good excuse or reason.
  • This week I’ve done nothing but fight off a headache since Sunday. The plan is yoga tonight after knit group.
  • I can’t run right now. My body won’t allow it. I’m not giving up on being able to run, I just need to make some good progress before I try it again. I was hoping that I’d be able to do this by the time I go on vacation* since I could take a bit of time each morning and go for a run before we hit the road every day, but it’s probably a pipe dream.

So, I’m going to come here and be accountable again. There will still be music and knitting talk, too, as always. There’s just probably going to be more healthy talk for a while.

*Speaking of vacation, if you have tips on quick workouts I can do while on the road & visiting family, they are most welcome. I feel like I’ll get a lot of walking in on these trips, but probably not the kind that gets my heart rate up so much.


2 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. My trainer gave me a travel workout that I can do anywhere and add to if I want to. It’s obviously customized to my abilities and requirements but maybe it’ll help:
    All exercises are done in 3 sets of 20 reps; alternating sets with a second exercise:

    3 sets 20 pushups alternating sets with 20 squats
    3 sets 20 drop lunges alternating sets with 20 benchdips
    3 sets 20 step out lunges alternating sets with 20 plyo jumps
    3 sets of 30 crunches. (this is the only thing that doesn’t have another exercise that you superset it with)

    So, for example, I start with 20 pushups, then 20 squats, repeat that twice then take a quick water break and move to lunges and bench dips

    I complete this in about a half hour moving quickly between sets keeps my heart rate up and then I feel a little less guilty about what I eat/drink later. A little….

  2. You can still take your sneakers and walk when you are on vacay. Not as fast as running, but just wake up 30 minutes earlier to make up for the time difference :) Check out some iphone apps to map your walk or things like that.

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