all shiny and clean

Over the weekend, I got a wild hair and broke out the sewing machine. I needed a travel case for my Nook and figured I had the skills to make it up and bust one out.

The first one worked, but it had problems.
My creation
I wanted a case that had a fold over flap that buttoned closed, but I managed to forget to add the ribbon button closure when I was sewing the inside & outside pieces together. The mechanics of the way I decided to put the whole thing together also created problems, as I wasn’t able to get the corner where the flap meets the front sewn down completely. So, while serviceable, it wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for.

I thought about it more on Friday night after I finished and came up with the second version.
My creation
This time, instead of sewing together the outside, then the inside, then trying to sew them together, I made the front, back, and pocket each separately, then sewed them together. I still went with a button closure, only this time I used elastic (or a hair band that I trimmed for this purpose since I didn’t have elastic & find myself in possession of many many rubber bands. I also made the pocket a bit shorter– the main purpose of it is to hold my nook charger, so it doesn’t need to be as big as the whole case. Anyway, once I had the pieces made, I just sewed them all together and have a serviceable Nook case.

Again, I’m not completely happy with the way this one turned out, either – I wanted the final seams to be closer to the edge, but the thickness of the 3 pieces with padding on that outer edge were a little much for my machine to take. In the end, I had to sew up the space I left for turning the pieces by hand, but I think I can remedy that in the future by topstitching each piece before sewing them all together, which I should have done anyway.

I’m not sure what else I’ll try differently on the next one, definitely a problem to think about. In the meantime, though, I want to make the Sweet Harmony tote from Amy Butler as a carryall for my roadtrip. I just need to find cotton cording and decide which fabrics in my stash will become the bag.