I’ll make it to the moon

Over the past few years, I’ve lost my music geek drive. I’m going to mostly blame school for sucking my brain out and leaving me with mush instead. It’s not that I’ve stopped listening to music, far from it, but I haven’t discovered nearly as much new (at least new to me) stuff lately.

So, in an attempt to regain some of my music geekiness, I’m trying to get back in the game. And by “the game”, I mean I want to listen to more new music, check out the occasional live show, and generally get my groove on.

In order to do this, I need your help. Tell me how you keep up with music, where you find new stuff, or just recommend something I need to hear. Old, new, whatever. Recommend something. My music tastes are eclectic – I like a bit of everything, though I generally am not a fan of country music (there are exceptions, but not many).

I’m hoping to keep this going for a while & plan to post my favorite finds at least twice a month. Help a girl out, won’t  you?


3 thoughts on “I’ll make it to the moon

  1. Deborah has got me listening to the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Their version of ‘Hit ‘Em Up Style’ is their typical genre, but it is entertaining.

  2. Funny that you say this, as I’ve been the same way with music, books, and movies. I got the MLIS over a year ago, and I’m still in a slump :(

  3. I check Pitchfork every once in a while and generally look at the “Best New Music” category, the higher-rated, interesting sounding and interesting looking stuff, or stuff related to other stuff I like. Besides that, Pandora’s kind of cool for finding similar things to stuff you already like although if you’re not crazy about Pandora, having to rely on Flash for the site, or bumping into their monthly limit for free music, there’s also blip.fm or last.fm to scour. Recommendations? I’m liking Sleigh Bells more and more. If you have any hiphop leanings whatsoever, the new Big Boi is a must-get.

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