Life List Item #3: I like candy.

Before we even get started, know that I’ve had this post in the pipeline for a while. I’ve just been lazy about getting it finished & out there for some unknown reason. So, no, I haven’t fallen off the “healthy” wagon a mere three days after my ode to Dr. Pepper, I’m just trying to clear out the backlog of half written posts.

Whenever I’m out and about, especially at random convenience stores or gas stations, I look for candy/chocolate I can’t find other places. I also seek out chocolate shops (or just randomly happen to find them) when I’m out of town. So it’s no real surprise that the third item on my life list was to taste many different kinds of chocolate or candy. I’m not going to really count things that I’ve tried in the past and have a memory of (or will grab as a go-to chocolate fix, like say your Twix or Kit Kat). Which brings us to the list currently.

1. The official count started with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bugles. Yikes.

2. Twin Bing – My coworker brought me one of these back from Iowa when she went back home to visit family. Peanuts & chocolate? Delicious. Neon pink cherry-flavored nougat center? A little scary.

3. Pretzel m&m’s – Okay, we all know I am a sucker for salty/sweet, but these were off somehow. Maybe because of the candy shell intruding on the chocolate/pretzel combo, maybe the lack of large salt crystals you get with a simple chocolate dipped pretzel. Maybe it’s because the m&m people are trying to do TOO MUCH. Coconut, Wild Cherry, & now Pretzel. In addition to your plain, peanut, almond, peanut butter (my favorite), mint, dark chocolate, and dark chocolate peanut. HOW MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF M&M’S DOES THE WORLD NEED?

4. Twix Java – This was odd. It’s a chocolate cookie (like the PB Twix has now) with coffee flavor in the caramel. I felt like the coffee flavoring was a little overpowering. Then again, it’s supposed to be coffee flavored, so maybe that’s why it had a distinct coffee overload.

Since the Twix Java, there hasn’t been a new candy or chocolate in my world. However, one of my coworkers is visiting Italy & Greece at the moment & she’s going to try to bring me something yummy back to try. There’s not a moratorium on candy/chocolate eating, I just need to be more selective about what I’m eating and when.