give me a moment

While I’ve been quite the adept baker over the past few years, supplying friends & family with all manner of cupcakes, quick breads, muffins, and the occasional cake or pie, I’ve not conquered my fear of breads that need to rise & use yeast.

YIP 8.365 Homemade bread with cinnamon & vanilla sugar

When I was growing up, there were always the little packets of Fleishman’s Yeast hanging out in our fridge, waiting for the day they’d get turned into bread. Once we got a bread machine, I joined in the bread baking madness. The bread machine made it easy – I just had to get my ingredients together, toss ’em in the machine, and a few hours later – fresh baked bread.

It’s the rising and kneading that scare me. I don’t know why. But I’m determined to conquer it and become a better bread baker.

So, in my first attempt to conquer the yeast breads, I went to the source of all things delicious and wonderful, Smitten Kitchen. I perused her bread section, finally getting down to the bottom of the page, where the words “chocolate orange bread” caught my eye. That is not the bread I baked this time, but I went with the White Batter Bread which shared a post with the chocolate bread.

Homemade Bread

As I went with a recipe that didn’t require kneading, I really only conquered half of my problems with the scary world of yeast breads.

Once I went to bake my bread, I discovered that I was nearly out of flour. I am still convinced that there is a 5lb bag of flour somewhere in my apartment hiding from me. I swear I had a full unopened bag somewhere. Luckily, I had a small amount of whole wheat flour leftover from a previous baking experience, so I made a wheat bread instead of a white bread. It was an acceptable change, even though my taste buds were ready for a slice of warm white bread.

Homemade Bread

I’m not going to reprint the recipe because the only thing I changed was the flour and because the recipe page has a lot of helpful bread baking information, especially for a novice bread baker like myself.

Now I just need to decide which bread is next on my list.